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OnePLM and Siemens Digital Industries : Driving Efficiency through Closed Loop Manufacturing and the Digital Transformation Journey

Digital Manufacturing Masterclass for Closed Loop Manufacturing

A Closed Loop Manufacturing (CLM) System is widely accepted as being a core element of a Digital Manufacturing Strategy.  CLM enables companies to synchronize and optimize production across product design, production planning, shop floor execution, automation, and intelligence from consumer use in the field. Creating a collaborative, connected information loop between Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) which is a key strategy for digital manufacturing.

Some key takeaways from the workshop.

·  Understand what is meant by a Closed Loop Manufacturing system.

·  Understand why you should focus on workflows rather than locally optimized disparate processes.

·  Understand how to create your own digital manufactruing roadmap, focused on your business targets.

·  See Industry use-case example within Siemens Teamcenter PLM and Opcenter range.

Scaling up to net zero: the role of the manufacturing sector

Interactive workshop focused on the importance and responsibility of the Scottish manufacturing sector in supporting the transition to a net-zero society.

Focused on 3 key themes:

• How do we manufacture at scale, the next generation of low emission technologies?

• How do we implement resource efficiency & sustainability into our factories?

• How do we turn the traditional production and consumption model on its head, so it is sustainable by design and supports the Circular Economy?

​Associated Seafoods starts its Net Zero Journey

Sign up for this workshop and hear how, with support from Gaeltel and BiosusEnergy, Associated Seafoods has benefited both financially and environmentally from the installation of a new combined heat and power plant (CHP).  

A (painless) guide to IoT cyber security in manufacturing: how to get started, what to consider, and where to find support

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection of physical and virtual objects that communicate with each other and share data. In a manufacturing setting, IoT devices can cover everything from simple temperature sensors, to networks of devices monitoring the smooth running of every part of a manufacturing plant. Join this workshop on challenges, solutions and opportunities on IoT cyber security in manufacturing.

Decarbonised manufacturing in a reimagined future

This interactive workshop will explore the decarbonisation of manufacturing before using interactive tools to identify the business risks associated with this as well as possible mitigations. We will also offer signposting to support for business.

'Environment 4.0' – A New World of Possibilities  Delivering Real Results

The ongoing revolution of Industry 4.0 is about harnessing data and digital technologies to improve business results in manufacturing, including cost, speed, and even safety. Now, an unprecedented global focus on the environment is reshaping our world yet again. This drive for tougher environmental regulations, mandates, and compliance standards is not necessarily concerned about your bottom line.  But who says there must be a trade-off between addressing the environment and delivering measurable business results?
Enter Environment 4.0. Emerging digital technologies actually provide a world of possibilities to fully align both your business and environmental goals. Booth Welsh and iTech will discuss the pillars of Environment 4.0, including the technology and tools that are currently delivering real results in efficiency, performance, mitigation, and waste reduction, while also delivering a positive impact on profitability.

Could R&D Tax Relief be a Cash Lifeline for Manufacturers?

Sustainability of businesses throughout Covid-19 has been impacted in every aspect, especially cashflow, which has been felt by thousands of SMEs across the UK. Fortunately, recovery is on the horizon for many, however there are some organisations that will take a while to bounce back. Now more than ever is the right time for manufacturing businesses to be taking full advantage of the schemes that are available to them as they can offer a significant cash return or corporation tax reduction back to your business.

Introduction to Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a transformative approach to manufacturing that has the potential to enable agile manufacturing, cost benefits, and lower carbon manufacturing. Designed for Scottish SMEs, this workshop led by the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS), will introduce you to additive manufacturing technologies and designing for AM, demonstrating some of the opportunities offered versus traditional manufacturing techniques. Hear from the AM team as they discuss how theScottish AM landscape looks in 2020 and, hear about real-life examples of companies that NMIS has worked with to implement the use of such AM and their successes and learning to date.

Supply Chains & Innovation – the legacy of COVID-19


  • Adapting and reactiveness to UK requirements
  • Sustainability – bolstering UK resilience
  • Learnings across the journey

Leadership and Change Management at MacIntyre Chocolate Systems

This workshop takes you on the journey of MacIntyre Chocolate Systems (MCS) over the last 4 years, from loss making in 2017 to having the best year yet in terms of profit and turnover during Covid times. Joe Gorman took up the post of MD in 2017 and instigated change by creating the vision, setting future goals and communicating how the change strategy would be implemented.  Executing the goals through positive leadership, employee engagement and targeted capital investment have today placed MCS in a position of development strength and allowed them to cope comfortably with the changes the pandemic has forced upon them.

Using Theory of Constraints to achieve a breakthrough in performance in your organisation

This workshop will provide practical insights on how to achieve a breakthrough in performance in 'make to order' and 'complex manufacturing/project' environments based on Dr Goldratt's famous business novel the Goal. Dr Goldratt's son andCEO of Goldratt Consulting will share the results, insights and lessons learnt from the successful application of Theory of Constraints from international experiences and case studies. The workshop will be interactive and give the participants the opportunity to ask questions of Rami Goldratt and learn from his vast experience.

NOV’s Best in Class Journey

NOV would like you to join them as they provide an insight into their “Best In Class” Journey and the Culture Change process involved in their move from Westhill to their modern facility in Kintore.

Leadership - the pies the limit!

Bells Food Group partners with SMAS to develop a Bells Business Improvement Academy to improve skills gaps and identify future leaders within the business. Ronnie Miles, Managing Director of Bells, explains the rationale and why this is vital for the future success of one of Scotland’s best known and iconic food brands.

How an innovative advanced manufacturing opportunity emerged from a global crisis

How Abergower....

  • Identified an opportunity to supply much needed swabs for the significant scale up in Covid testing
  • Pivoted their business model building on existing capabilities
  • Developed and piloted Advanced 3D printing technology
  • Developed a phased manufacturing capacity build plan with SMAS support
  • Developed synergies with an emerging networks of partners in Scotland EO Labs, NHS Scotland, Anderson Caledonia, etc.
  • Learned from this experience.

Tales of the unexpected production - How UK manufacturers rose to the challenge of the Pandemic

In March 2020 Scotland and the world was responding to the significant challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the largest challenges came from the disruptions to world supply chains for critical health supplies.  

Ivan McKee (Minister for Trade, Investment, and Innovation) wrote an open letter to Scottish companies, referencing the pandemic as a “matter of the greatest national importance” and requesting “critical support for NHS Scotland”. He asked that companies help to source, manufacture, and deliver critical supplies to NHS Scotland, outlining priority items.

This is frank and open look at how Keela rose to this challenge. Exploring the positive disruptor aspects and the long-term impacts.

Opening discussion for lessons and challenges for the future for manufacturing industry in Scotland and indeed the UK. What changes we can implement now.  

Achieving Accelerated, Precision Sequenced Product Assembly

Offsite Solutions Scotland members (Robertson Timber Engineering and Stewart Milne) collaborated with Construction Scotland Innovation Centre’s Make It Smart Hub to pilot an advanced offsite production process. You’ll hear from both Robertson Timber Engineering and CSIC on the benefits accrued as a result of this pilot and be informed on the next steps for accelerating product assembly.

Developing a 5S Culture through people and teams

Andy More, General Manager of Rubberatkins will set out his company’s Lean journey based on a foundation of 5S. This isn’t the first time the company has tried to establish 5S in the workplace and they’ve had to adjust their model many times along the way. Key takeaways for the delegates attending this workshop are don’t be afraid to get it wrong - the company has learned far more from the mistakes they made than from the things that went right first time. The second key message is around getting everyone within the organisation involved and through the same training - empowering their employees so that change is led by them rather than management.

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