Unlock Your Digital Advantage – Key messages from Martin Welsh and Aimee Doole of Booth Welsh

These days, digitalisation is the word on everyone’s lips. The questions of “where to start?”, “where to invest?”,”where are the business benefits for me?” and “what should my strategy look like?” are common questions that everyone is asking just now.

The old adage, ‘Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast’, originated by Peter Drucker who believes that any company disconnecting the two is putting their success at risk, is as relevant today as it ever was.

The BCG Consulting Group believes that, “Companies that focus on culture when going through a digital transformation are five times more likely to achieve breakthrough performance”.

Booth Welsh is an engineering technology company, helping companies take the first step into Digitalisation and the company itself has been on a journey of workplace innovation over the last two years.

Martin Welsh, Managing Director of Booth Welsh, comments,

“For us the real impacting message is to start with your people. Build the innovation culture and the people and technology will follow. A strong mantra which I always relate back to is “people support what they help to create”.

Here are 5 tips that we have learned on our journey.

Use a Wide Lens

When looking at disruptive changes like Digitalisation you need a wide lens. There is often a lot of hype about what businesses need to do but take time to look outside your business sector to learn.

Collaborative Culture

No one can achieve this on their own. Value collaboration over individual effort and shift the mindset to collaboration over competition. Encourage teams to look outward and engage with customers and partners to develop new solutions. Co-creation and open innovation should play a key role in your strategy.

Take Action

Focus on more action and a little less planning. Today things are moving very fast, so this is necessary to grab first mover advantage.

Be Bold

Encourage “intrapreneurship” and boldness over caution in your business. A digital culture encourages people to take risks, fail fast, and learn from their mistakes.

Delegate Control

Value delegation over control. A digital culture diffuses decision-making throughout the organisation meaning that everyone can play their part in driving the mission.


Perhaps most important of all, there must be commitment and drive from the top leadership. Senior leaders, including the CEO, must empower teams to give people a voice and a true sense of ownership to understand the key benefits which will unlock your digital advantage.

This new culture will drive both the employee’s destiny and that of the business. They are intrinsically linked.

Hear more about the Booth Welsh story and how following these 5 lessons can impact on your success at Scotland’s upcoming Future Fit Manufacturing conference. This event is organised by the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service in association with the Royal Bank of Scotland and held on the 26th February at RBS Gogarburn.

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