Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc

Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) is a new Innovation Parc in Dundee, Scotland focused on sustainable mobility and low carbon energy.

An ambitious joint venture between Dundee CityCouncil, Michelin, and Scottish Enterprise, MSIP will drive growth and diversity in the Scottish economy while addressing the global climate emergency.

With a 32-hectare site and excellent physical connectivity, MSIP has dynamic space that can adapt to all sizes of business. As well as large , flexible space, tenants will have access to an innovation campus, a skills academy, business support and competitive, green energy delivered from sustainable sources.

Underpinning all activities atMSIP is a collaborative approach to achieve the goal of zero carbon. MSIP has a significant role to play in the decarbonisation of part of the transport sector, capitalising on policy from not just within Scotland but around the world.

To do this, MSIP will attract companies, research institutions and a highly skilled workforce to address the key global challenges thatScotland has a competitive advantage.  

A £60m funding package was announced inNovember 2019 for MSIP, that will enable an ambitious 10-year strategy to be delivered.

MSIP is looking for companies in the sustainable mobility and low carbon energy sector, of all range and sizes, seeking to move or expand to a new location. An ideal company who fits that initial criteria, will also be innovative and open to collaboration, have growth ambitions, and a willingness to be a part of theInnovation Parc culture at MSIP.

MSIP is also targeting academic institutions and industry leaders, who can collaborate with MSIP and those located there, on world changing ideas and products.

A core team is already located at MSIPHQ in Dundee, to deliver this ambitious forward-thinking Innovation Parc.

MSIP will connect government, industry, academia and communities to create a new future and innovation, for people, place and planet.

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