Manufacturing Change, for Climate Change

The Scottish Government’s ambitious goal of net-zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045 has set us all firmly on the path to net-zero, and Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) is a key part in delivering that.

MSIP is an ambitious joint venture between Michelin, Scottish Enterprise and Dundee City Council. We were formed to generate economic growth in Scotland and support a fair and just transition to a net zero economy.

We are transforming what was a 32-hectare manufacturing site, into an Innovation Parc focused on sustainable mobility and decarbonisation. Our ambition is to support the progression of emerging technology, to create a greener future for people, place and planet.

We offer modern, flexible space dedicated to innovation and advanced manufacturing, a clean energy supply and access to business support, skills and networks. Our Innovation Parc will be home to a rich variety of companies, academia and skilled people to address key global challenges.

How does climate change fit into that?

Climate change is the change of climate which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity.

For millennia, the Carbon Cycle has been in balance. But since the industrial revolution, large amounts of coal, oil and other fossil fuels have been burnt, and the balance has been disrupted.

Greenhouse gas emissions come from all industries – there is no one cause. It is an accumulation. And if we are to reach net-zero carbon, manufacturing processes – recognised as one of the biggest contributors globally – must evolve.

This change is happening now. Most companies already have carbon neutral plans, or the ambition to have one. And if they don’t, they recognise that they soon must in order to not be left behind.

At MSIP, we are witnessing industry change before us. Companies are actively trying to reduce the impact they have on the planet, now more than ever before. With this widespread change in attitude, comes innovative research and the development of new technologies that allow such important progress to happen.

Where does manufacturing come into that?

A big part of what we offer at MSIP is space for companies to locate and manufacture their products and technology.

We have green and sustainable energy options for those located at MSIP to access, allowing manufacturing of technology and products at MSIP to be done with respect to the environment, generating as little carbon as possible.

We want to support manufacturing across the sustainable mobility and decarbonisation industry to achieve net-zero. We are already witnessing many ways this is being achieved, big and small.

Our mission

At MSIP we bring industry, academia and government together, to provide an environment where ideas are collaboratively made and change can happen quickly, to lead the way in the climate change battle.

Our mission is to build a dynamic and creative home for innovators, manufacturers and skills leaders to collaborate, and nurture growth and advances in sustainable mobility and decarbonisation.

It’s important for us to support this year’s SMAS Conference – it aligns with our core activity, and we value and recognise the important role that the manufacturing industry plays in the Scottish Economy.

Manufacturing sits at the core of our mission, and we believe manufacturing is going to be a key part ofScotland’s Green Economic Recovery, post-Covid-19.

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