Manufacturing a net zero future with smart energy

At present, the level of CO2 our planet produces is greater than the level of CO2 reduction. This dynamic needs to balance before we can even start to consider the race to achieve net carbon zero.  To address this, Scotland has world-leading climate change legislation in place, which sets out a target date for net-zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045.  The conversation around climate change has never been louder and the eyes of the world will be on Glasgow in November as it hosts the UN Climate Summit (COP26) to progress the global action needed to tackle climate change.

So, what role can the manufacturing sector play in cutting global emissions? There are many ways businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and transition to become more environmentally conscious, while at the same time maintaining high levels of productivity and product quality.   The phrase“reduce, reuse, recycle” will be familiar to many and will apply to every facet of a business – from packaging, to office supplies, to operations and supply chains.  

The global pandemic has had a significant impact on the UK and Scottish economy and manufacturing businesses are always looking to reduce manufacturing costs. An obvious way of achieving this, while at the same time, reducing emissions is by improving the efficiency and reliability of their energy consumption.  But advice can be complex, conflicting and not always impartial resulting in businesses struggling to know where to begin.Organisations like ZeroWaste Scotland and Scottish Enterprise’s sustainability team are a great initial point of contact for businesses to begin to understand what’s possible.

At Gaeltel, we pride ourselves on impartiality.  We have the largest portfolio of smart energy solutions in the UK with 16 products making a major impact on carbon and costs. We are the only company that supplies all its products on a wholesale price basis giving you true independent advice. Our site surveys are free of charge and Gaeltel was recently awarded the UK Enterprise Award for most innovative clean energy company in 2021. As a business we encourage companies to set bold targets not just to reduce gas and electricity usage but also to reduce water usage by means of the setting of manageable targets. On a monthly basis we hold free short workshops via zoom/teams for our affiliate partners and businesses who want to enhance their knowledge skills, optimise their utility costs, minimise CO2 and make the world a better place.

We are a member of Scotland Food and Drink and affiliated with Energy Efficiency Association, and Carbon NetZero Community.  Our expert advice means that each step you take on the carbon zero roadmap is the right one, optimising time and costs. We are delighted to have the opportunity to deliver a workshop at this year’s SMAS manufacturing conference which will showcase how one of our clients, Associated Seafoods has reduced its carbon footprint and saved costs with our help and advice.  Join us at our workshop and visit our exhibition stand and see first-hand how your business can benefit from our expertise and that of our hardware and software supply partners.

- Eddie Pellegrom, CEO, Gaeltel

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