3 things to turn the promise of your data into reality

3 things to turn the promise of your data into reality 


There’s a lot of talk about data, including the now infamous “data is the new oil”Economist cover.  And the potential value is clear – data is driving Industry 4.0.  


And there’s a lot written about data and proofs of concepts laboriously wrestled to some kind of conclusion.  But the reality is that there’s a significant gap between the talk and the reality of using data, machine learning andArtificial Intelligence to deliver tangible improvements to safety, sustainability and speed to market. 


Outcomes are what matters and particularly production outcomes.  Data can deliver value for almost all organisations, but to do so you need the right people, working on the right use cases in the right way with the right technology.  Otherwise, we end up in pilot paralysis or Proof of Concept purgatory.


As it stands, the manufacturing industry is ripe for data and digital led transformation. Digital technologies are allowing business to collect, store and process data faster, cheaper and more effectively than ever before. So, the questions you need to be asking yourself are: What has the potential to drive change in your business – and what data underpins that? What data do &should you collect? How do you store, transfer and access that data securely?Everyone will have slightly different circumstances, but the approach remains the same. Start with the value and work backwards.

Where to start? Here are three key things help us to turn the promise of your data for manufacturing into reality:

1.       Scars (we have a lot of them)

We’ve learned from them (and we’ll no doubt pick up fresh scars along the way). Turning raw data into a refined asset and then using that to deliver value in the real world is a well-trodden path in other sectors. The tests and trials have been conducted elsewhere meaning there’s many proven techniques and assets that can be directly applied in manufacturing, with immediate returns. 

2.       Firepower (a little goes a long way)

High quality people in the data field, whether they are data scientists, data engineers, or data translators, are hard to come by.  The best in the field know that it’s really not about the data – it’s about the business and how it can use the outputs from the data work to support decision makers and drive tangible change. Practicality beats buzzwords. 

3.       Production Pilots rather than Proofs of Concept.  

High quality data work should take weeks and months, not years.  It should be nimble, flexible and outcome focused.  We’re not proving that data can deliver value – that has already been proven.  We’re proving that data can deliver value for your organisation in a reasonable timescale and without disrupting the smooth running of things.  To do that, we need to prove that solutions will work in production rather than just as skunkworks or shadow projects off on the side.  That can be achieved in weeks rather than years.

 All in all, your data headaches are our bread and butter. We love working with murky, difficult to access data and turning it quickly into a tangible asset for your use. Come talk to us about how.


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